Superior Title & Mineral Examiners is part of the real estate group of Kendricks Bordeau, P.C. Our attorneys know title in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, we know the land, and when there is a problem with ownership, we know the law to fix it.

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Title Examinations

ST&ME is devoted to performing title search services, particularly those that require legal experience. Every ST&ME attorney is trained to effectively examine and review your title or the title of land you plan to acquire.

Mineral Title Experience

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is rich in minerals, and ST&ME attorneys are among few in the region who have decades of knowledge searching, leasing, and transferring mineral title in the U.P.

Curative Assistance

If a title opinion or title insurance commitment turns up a title problem, ST&ME can provide you with advice and counsel to resolve it. Our extensive title examination experience allows the attorneys of ST&ME to assist you in clearing up title problems, gaps, or probate and heirship determinations.


Sometimes, despite all efforts, litigation is necessary to resolve your title, easement, or other real estate issues. ST&ME attorneys know title and have the experience to explain complex real estate matters to judges and juries.

Legal Services for Property Development

Rely on the attorneys of ST&ME to know the law and the local landscape for your subdivision or condominium development. Our attorneys can counsel and represent you from the beginning of the project to its conclusion.

Boundaries and Easements

The Upper Peninsula’s dense forests and gravel roads can seem endless. But square footage has a price, and so does access. See the attorneys at ST&ME to be sure your land has the features you are paying for by getting accurate written easements and boundary agreements.

Corporate and Land Management Services

If your business is land acquisition, land management, residential leasing or commercial leasing, ST&ME has you covered. ST&ME attorneys can help with the initial formation of your LLC, corporation, or partnership, draft your leases, represent you in landlord-tenant matters, and more.

Family Camp Services

Michigan is one of the top states for second homes, and the Upper Peninsula is no exception. A “camp” on hunting land or on one of the region’s lakes is a common type of property in the U.P. Equally common is the desire to share the property and keep it in the family. ST&ME attorneys have helped hundreds of clients manage their camps, with estate planning, entity structures, and other techniques.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Services

Trust ST&ME attorneys to help you through a for sale by owner transaction. Often for one easy flat fee, you can have the peace of mind that comes with having legal counsel in your corner, from purchase agreement through closing.

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